Camera Roll Vlog: Episode 2

Fireworks in 4K. The Camera Roll Vlog is a web series showing off some of the many video clips on my camera roll. This is my second video vlog and I’m really enjoying it. If you like the footage and what a camera that can record in 4K, check out the links below. I’ve included the free song for your projects too!

Panasonic HC-X1000 4K Camcorder

Ocean Deep

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Hello world this is Aaron Garcia here
and you’re watching the Camera Roll Vlog.
It’s a vlog that is about my camera roll
because I film a lot of things that
don’t get used for anything and it’s
costing me cloud storage because that’s
how the world works these days so I
decided why not take all these clips I
have over a hundred thousand photos and
videos and put them into a vlog for the
whole world to enjoy and last night the
night when I shot this so that’s
irrelevant to you but the night that I
filmed this I went to a mall and
discovered that if you park in a certain
part of the mall and wait until 9:15
fireworks will appear nearby at a park
that’s next door it’s a theme park
that’s next door they do it every night
at 9:15 all summer long it’s awesome and
actually my friend Charles introduced me
to this I actually didn’t know that I
wasn’t the wise one who knew this it’s
common it’s common knowledge for a few
people so they there’s a call you’ll
always see cars just hanging out there
and waiting for the fireworks show to
come so I’ve come out there a few times
I filmed it with my iPhone and decided
it was time to bring out the big guns so
I brought my Panasonic hcx 1000 don’t
have to remember that I’ll add a link to
it in the description
it’s a great camera it’s phenomenal it
shoots 4k it’s capable of 60 frames per
second which is unreal for the price
point that it’s at
and it’s also capable of cinema 4k so
let’s do some eight explanations here if
you’re not familiar with these 4k
resolutions there is 4k that we all know
colloquially as 4k which is technically
Ultra HD it’s three thousand eight
hundred and something pixels it’s not
not really
four thousand pixels you know because
it’s 4k four thousand pixels so what
you’re seeing when you say you buy a 4k
TV here really buying an Ultra HD TV
that’s a lot more than high definition
you know 1080p but it’s not four
thousand pixels per se but colloquially
we all say it’s 4k now if you want true
4k if you want that four thousand pixel
image you’re gonna have to film in
cinema 4k and this camera is capable of
filming in both and at a very high
makeup bitrate so I can you can shoot I
believe one hundred and fifty makeup
bits per second or makeup bytes per
second I am not don’t get me all
technical there but it shoots really
high quality video that can then put be
put on your computer you know big file
size that your regular everyday computer
can handle and you don’t necessarily
have to have a beefy machine to edit
which is awesome with another reason why
I went with this camera and of course it
shoots gorgeous video look at those
fireworks they’re just phenomenal and it
stays in focus pretty well you know it
goes out of focus every now and then
with the fireworks but I mean it did a
really good job it’s got a 20 optical
zoom and I’m gonna link this camera in
the description it’s on Amazon so that
means you can buy it anywhere in the
world if you’re in Europe you can buy
the European version and it’s a great
camera and if you click the link and
decide to purchase set camera you will
be supporting me you’ll help me due to
the affiliate marketing scene I actually
haven’t sold anything yet embarrassing
but I’m just starting right so it’s okay
so if you do decide to buy a camera like
mine which I also bought on Amazon great
you know thank you you know one you know
you gonna you’re gonna get an awesome
camera into thank you for supporting me
because I’ve you know I don’t know what
the Commission is off of that I don’t
imagine a lot but it will feel good it’s
more about the thought that counts that
people heard what I had to say about the
camera watch the video and they’re like
oh wow that’s awesome but this is not
what this vlog is about this vlog is
about showing my camera roll with you
because I film a lot of things and I
figured showing you what’s on my camera
roll is a lot more interesting than
you’re just staring at me talk and run
out of things to say so that’s what I’m
doing I’m making a vlog I’m new to this
it’s my second episode I think I’ll get
better at vlogging and yeah I hope to
get really good at vlogging actually and
SEO I hope to get really good at YouTube
SEO so right now I have a lot of free
time on my hands so I’m just logging and
uploading it to Vimeo and YouTube and
dailymotion and whatever else I find
that’s what I’m doing I’m gonna link the
song that’s playing in the background in
the description below because it’s an
awesome song it’s called open deep or
ocean deep sorry and yeah it’s a free
song you can download it’s pretty cool
dropping your projects I may consider
uploading my footage from my camera roll
vlogs for you to use in your projects so
I’m gonna work on that this original
footage this is the unafraid this is not
the this is an abridged version of an
unabridged clip that I filmed it was
like 15 minutes long so obviously this
is not a 15 minute video so the original
is 16 gigabytes it’s gonna take a while
if I decide to have unabridged versions I
don’t know I’m gonna think about that
it’s gonna take a while or I’ll just
compress it and you might find it better
if it’s compress for your video
oh here’s the grand finale look at that
alright thanks for watching follow me on
twitter at a garcia TV i like making new
friends and i will see you very soon so
I believe the show is still going
yeah the shows going out here’s the
finale look at that before it boom
alright thanks for watching follow me on
Twitter and subscribe like and all that
good stuff
and I’ll see you next time!

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