Traveling the World in a Tiny Home

Seven years ago an idea popped into my head: what if I could work from a laptop and travel the United States in an RV? At the time I didn’t know if that was a crazy original idea or not, but I thought it was really cool.

I imagined buying an RV, traveling all over the United States, installing cameras all over it and creating a YouTube series to generate income for myself. I thought it might be a hard dream to achieve, but apparently, there are a lot of people doing this all around the world!

I guess I’m not the only one who thought this was a cool idea. I’ve selected some YouTube videos to showcase what’s possible.

My original idea was to travel the United States for a year or two. Not forever, but just to experience a once in a lifetime adventure. I don’t know if I could get used to a tiny space like this or not. I guess the idea is to spend more time outside exploring.

The double-decker bus RV is my favorite so far. I like how spacious it is. The stairs are what make it feel bigger. It’s got two floors.

The undercover camper van is a pretty neat idea. If I were going to try this right now, I’d probably go with something small like this. I’d imagine it’s not as expensive as the larger buses. Plus it could be parked almost anywhere and none would be the wiser. I’d see it as a get-away vehicle. Not sure if I’d live in this exclusively. I like my space.

What do you think of traveling the world in an RV home?

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