Joined Geekdom

I just joined Geekdom this month. Geekdom is a collaborative space for entrepreneurs and tech-enthusiasts to network in hopes of joining or starting a business.

After attending the New Member Orientation I learned that members are encouraged to give back 2 hours to the community each month. I am excited about this opportunity to share my skills with my fellow members.

uiw-mac-lab-communication-art-aaron-garcia-geekdomWhen I was in college, my work-study position was a computer lab assistant. My job was to answer computer related questions if I knew the answer. I did this for four years. I enjoyed every moment. I built relationships with both students and faculty simply by sharing what I knew about the computer. Surprisingly I had never been stumped by a question during my time there. I still answer questions like these at work, at family gatherings, and online.

Aside from my part-time Mac Lab job in college, I have never offered my services officially. Geekdom will provide a platform to help others and fulfill a commitment to giving back.

So what will I offer? ‘Everything’ is too vague and 2 hours isn’t a lot of time.

I could host a workshop, but I seriously need to plan it out first. I’ve never taught a class before. I imagine there’s a lot of preparation that goes into that. I’ll revisit this idea at some point.

I could set up a camera and take photos and record videos of Geekdom members for 2 hours. Photography seems easier. Recording a video requires the subject to be prepared with what to say. That could take awhile. But, would be worth it for whoever scheduled a time.

Then there’s web development. I’m thinking more along the lines of a WordPress or Squarespace website. We’d begin the process by purchasing a domain. Then we would pick a web host, install WordPress, and pick a theme. Lastly, we’d create a few pages, populate them with content, and design a simple logo. Easy!

That sounds like a workshop. There are a few details involved with that. The most glaring one: the participants will need to be willing to purchase a domain and web hosting. Where photography costs near nothing for the participant and video only requires some preparation (unless spontaneity is your thing).

I’ll brainstorm on this some more, but feel free to give me your thoughts. If I could help you build a website, take your next profile photo or record a simple interview-style video for you in 2 hours… which would you choose?

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