The Unexpected is Spectacular

I had a profound thought while watching fireworks go off on New Year’s Eve. A firework that was supposed to shoot up into the air exploded on the ground instead. While this is really dangerous, it was really awesome! I caught the whole thing on video and took stills from the footage to post on Instagram.


Sometimes life doesn’t go as expected and things blow up. But even when that happens remember life is spectacular!

The Epiphany Sparked from a Misfired Firework

For me the past year had been filled with unexpected surprises. Not all of them good ones. But now looking through a new lens I realize that’s what makes life spectacular. It was the experience. The ride of life. Everything that comprises this soap opera is fantastic! I’m glad to be here.

I’ve never been one to just go with the flow; I’ve always been a fighter. I don’t want to die. I don’t want bad things to happen. I want to be in control, but despite my efforts, life will be life. I’m finally coming around to accepting that. Even enjoying life for what it is.

Even in the bad times, life is good. Something good comes out of everything. That’s what this misfiring firework showed me.

If you haven’t noticed, I can be very deep. It’s just a misfiring firework, but to me, it was a metaphor inspiring a new outlook on life.

Look at the guy who is just standing there. He is unflinching, taking in the moment. Then there is the guy running. In this metaphor, I’ve always been the guy running. Assuming that I knew everything would be okay, what an experience to stand there and see a firework explode that close!

I’m not actually saying that we should stand close to real fireworks. I’m talking about the misfiring fireworks in life. The experiences that you wouldn’t sign up for again, but now that you’ve experienced it, you can tell your friends and you wear it like a badge of courage.

Story from my Life

For me, that would be my episode in the hospital. I had come down with appendicitis and needed my appendix removed. I didn’t know I was that sick, so I waited three days before seeing a doctor. When I did, the doctor told me I needed to go to the hospital immediately.

Long story short, I almost died. And while that week in the hospital was terrible and I’d never volunteer to do that again — I now have a story to tell. Now that it is over and I’m through it, the experience added character to my life.

Experiences like this one are the kind no one wants to have, but once we experience them — we have an inside perspective few will have. It’s awesome!

What are some of your spectacular moments?

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