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There’s something about watching an old computer restoration that I find intriguing. Yes, you read that right. LGR is a show about restoring old computers and playing classic video games on vintage PCs. If you thought LGR stood for something else, well you’re wrong. It actually stands for Lazy Game Reviews.

Contrary to what the name suggests, from what I’ve seen, there’s more restoring than reviewing involved — and I like it! This channel ticks every checkbox on what I consider entertaining content. I can relate to this guy. I used to spend hours on a beige Gateway desktop that ran Windows Millennium Edition. Judging from his 758k subscriber count on YouTube, I’m in good company.

I like these videos so much that sometimes I binge watch them. I even showed one to my girlfriend as a date activity. Luckily we’re close like that and she indulged me by sitting through the whole video! She’s not a tech geek, but I love telling her about the techie stuff I’m up to (like installing SSL certificates, figuring out what DNSSEC is, and the new features that were added to Final Cut Pro X). I’m a lucky man!

For the tech geeks out there, you can appreciate this video. This is one of the videos I showed my girlfriend. Notice I said one of them, because through the course of our time together I know I’ve shown her several. If you’re not a techie, I encourage you to expand your horizons and watch LGR on YouTube. It’s really great!

Camera Roll Vlog: Episode 16

Welcome to Episode 16 of the Camera Roll Vlog. This is a Deserted Texas special. 3 years ago, 4 friends and I embarked on a journey to the ghost town of Helena, TX. We spent 2 days filming what at the time was the biggest production we had ever worked on together. Our cameras were just a few weeks old. Got them under the tree for Christmas… and we were going to make a full-length documentary on Texas ghost towns. Despite our hard work, some footage got lost and we never got to editing our first and only Deserted Texas episode. With a little love and creativity, I’ve saved our episode so it can now be shared with the world. Learn more about Deserted Texas at

Camera Roll Vlog: Episode 15

Never released video from college and hangouts with friends; circa 2011. Stumbled upon a trove of clips while looking through old hard drives. There are so many clips that I’ll have enough content for several episodes. To those who appear in this video, thanks for being a part of my life. It’s memories like these that make you appreciate the finite time we have on this earth.

Camera Roll Vlog: Episode 14

Never released footage of Bonaparte Gulls up close on the beach. Originally filmed on June 5, 2011, I had intended to use this in future video projects while attending the University of the Incarnate Word. The stockpile was never used. When I purchased my first High Definition camera (an iPod Touch); my footage stockpile looked dated and was abandoned.

Camera Roll Vlog: Episode 10

In an attempt to simulate an authentic dream. Episode 10 mixes clips from my camera roll with an excerpt from the 2010 short film: A Night Before the Final Tomorrow. With no opening titles, disorienting sudden beginning and abrupt end; Episode 10 will incite that bewildered feeling you get after a strange dream. Let me know what you think! Leave a voicemail. The phone number is in the video.

Original Version: A Night Before the Final Tomorrow (2010)

Camera Roll Vlog: Episode 9

Watch to the end to learn about an opportunity to appear in my vlogs! I will be opening my vlogs up to viewer submissions. Text your photos to the number in the video or text a link to your video clips. Then call the number and leave a voicemail describing your video/photo. Please include your name and where you are from!

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